Lori Laitman’s “The Seed of Dream” (2004)
1 Mar 2018
Baritone: Aaron Ball Cello: Thomas Lovasz Piano: Carol Roberts Ethnic persecution is represented by the horrifying yet profoundly beautiful text of Yiddish poet and Holocaust survivor Abraham Sutzkever whose chilling collection of auto- biographical poems is set by composer Lori Laitman in her deeply moving song cycle for baritone, piano, and cello, The Seed of Dream. The Seed of Dream was commissioned by Music of Remembrance and had its premiere performance on May 9, 2005 in Seattle. The cycle takes five of Yiddish poet Abraham Sutzkever's auto-biographical poems written at the time of and depicting the events related to his harrowing experiences evading the Nazis as he fled the Vilna Ghetto (in modern day Lithuania) to escape to the surrounding forests. The poems, written in Yiddish, are set by Laitman in their English translations (with exception to a small part of the fourth song, which is set to the original Yiddish). The first song, "I Lie in this Coffin,” is based on Sutzk
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